Monday, December 16, 2013

Desolation of Smaug review

  Well i finally got to see " The Hobbit ; The desolation of Smaug "and i am delighted to report it was quite the thrilling ride from start to finish. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to each and all. I was a little disappointed with the first hobbit movie, feeling it was a little slow paced. The new movie keeps us constantly moving on. First i would like to say that if you are a Tolkien purist then you are in for an aggravating evening. Peter Jackson sticks mostly to the original theme of the movie but in order to flesh the movie  in order to achieve wider audience appeal he adds new situations and characters. The main new character is the Elven warrior maid " Tauriel " and she is not only beautiful but a real badass as well. In this movie you learn how badass elves can be with the orcs supplying the fodder. In the last movie Azog was the focus, now it is his son, who is a chip off the old block being just as vicious as dear old dad. He has a fight with Legolas and draws Elf blood , as the movie closes we see a pissed off Legolas chasing after junior with a get even look on his face. The spider scenes were exciting and not as repulsive as i feared but gruesome neverless, Bilbo drops his ring and has to fight a spider over it after killing it he gets an evil look on his face as he bends down  to retrieve it he says " MINE " it appears the ring is definitely affecting him and it causes him some concern. As the ring is affecting Bilbo we also notice the Arkenstone is affecting Thorin, while not magic it is what the stone represents to Thorin that is changing him, there is a dark side to Thorin, he will not be denied his throne, he is told he has no right to return to Erebor and replies " I have the only right ". Other characters worth mentioning are Beorn the skinchanger who can take on the guise of a bear, his scenes are short and few, pity. Thranduil, king of the Mirkwood Elves is a supreme isolationist and wants to close his kingdom  off to all and yet craves the Dwarfs riches, especially the Arkenstone, this can't be good. Bard the bowman who at fist helps the Dwarfs but comes to the realization that returning to Erebor and awakening the Dragon will lead to disaster. There is creatd a scenario where Kili a Dwarve has the hots for Tauriel the Elf, not sure what is going on here but this can't turn out well. Now for Smaug, he is a hoot, he is played to perfection by Benedict Cumberbatch ( love to know the meaning of that word ) who in the end heads off to laketown to teach them the error of their ways, we last see Bilbo staring off at Smaug as he flies in Laketown direction, disclaiming " What Have We Done ". Well he has basically set the tone for the upcoming third movie where we will indeed find out what they have done. It will be a magnificent and unfortunately last journey into Middle Earth.

P.S. Forgot to mention Gandalf battles Sauron, Whoop.

P.P.S I think im in love withTauriel, watch out Kili.

Monday, June 24, 2013

New Desolation Of Smaug cover

 Here is the cover of the new EMPIRE magazines " Desolation Of Smaug " edition. As you will notice it is focusing on Elves. From left to right 1. Tauriel 2. Legolas 3. Thranduil the Elf King. It appears ths second Hobbit Movie will be very Elf centric.

Monday, June 10, 2013

New Hobbit Poster

 Here is a newly released poster for The Hobbit " The Desolation Of Smaug ".

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

New Picture of Evangeline Lilly as the Elf Tauriel

 Here is a newly released picture of Evangeline Lilly ( Kate from the TV series " LOST " ) as the maiden warrior Elf " Tauriel " . Now that is one good looking Elf.

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Sorry about no new posts

 I am sorry there have been no new posts. I am waiting for a release of any good video from the upcoming movie  " The Desolation Of Smaug " to appear but alas so far nothing. So until then keep watching this blog.

Monday, January 28, 2013

The Hobbit - A Review

       Firstly let me say that I did enjoy the movie and plan to rent the DVD when it comes out hopefully in March. I saw the movie at the regular 24 FPS in 3-D and it was a visually gorgeous film. That being said it really didn't hold up to " The Lord Of The Rings " in my humble opinion and that may be the curse of this movie and the ones to follow , to be constantly compared to LOTR .and that really isn't fair. It was my worry that by taking a small novel ( much smaller than the lengthy tome that was LOTR ) and extending it to three films that they would dilute the tale by filling it full of minutia that would basically dilute it and this may be the case with the first film. I never really began to care much for the characters as i did in LOTR not that they aren't competent ones maybe with all these dwarves it is just hard to zero in on a few but thats my one big complaint and it cant be helped as there were a lot of Dwarves in the novel. Hopefully in the next two films we will get to the more interesting aspects of the movies, I cant wait for old Smaug myself. Also, there will hopefully be more of an introduction to the individual Dwarves and we can as an audience begin to bond with them and that should add immensely to my and yours enjoyment of the movies. Lees give Sir Peter a chance with the nest two films and hopefully he will knock them out of the ballpark ( choose your own Cricket metaphor here ).

Thursday, December 6, 2012

The Two Kings

  I'm not sure if you have noticed an interesting paralell involving two of the main characters of both " The Hobbit " and " The Lord Of The Rings " . I am speaking of Aragorn and Thorin Oakenshield, one a man and the other a Dwarf but both are seeking to regain their lost crowns and become the Kings they were born  to be. Aragorn is from a long line of Kings of men who had lost their crown when Aragorns ancestor very bravely and foolishly decided to contest the will of Sauron by himself and therefore his place was taken by a steward and the throne remained vacant awaiting the Kings ( Aragorns ) return which had been phrophecised in tale and song. Thorin Oakenshield was seeking the return to Erebor and the slaying of the Dragon ' Smaug " . He was directly descended from the first Dwarf , that is Durin , and his family had been cast from their ancestral homes not because of folly but by the arrival of the Smaug. Thorin and his father and grandfather fled Erebor that day and were forced into a long exile. Thorins Grandfather the last King under the mountain had tried to reclaim Moria and was slain by Orcs for his trouble and his Father was kidnapped by the necromancer because he had in his possession one of the great rings of power that the Necromancer ( Sauron ) had given as a gift to the Dwarves so very long ago. It gave no great special powers to the Dwarves as Bilbos ring did but place a great desire for wealth upo the bearer and  usually tragically so. They both regain their thrones, Aragorn very triumphantly returns to a long and glorious reign, no doubt due to the purity of his heart and the rightfulness of his ambitions in reclaiming his crown but Thorin Oakenshields triumph is brief due to his weakenesses and he dies tragically instead of triumphantly because of the flaws in his character. I guess the moral lessons to be drawn from the two different tales are the effects that ones ambitions and the reasons behind them lead to different ends. It is a tragic tale that of Thorin Oakenshield caught up in a desire for revenge instead of Aragorns desire for ending his peoples suffering at the hands of a would be Tyrant  and maybe that is the difference in the two. Desire and ambition versus love and pity. He may have been a fool in the end but maybe we can forgive his weaknesses and admire his desire to see an ancient wrong righted whatever the reason.

Friday, November 30, 2012

2 Weeks and counting

  Well it wont be long before the big day arrives ( December 14th ) and it seems like it took a year to arrive. Actually it has been at almost a year, hard to believe but all good things come to those who wait and if your alive than you must be waiting. Quite a year with the duo becoming a trilogy and you can argue that it was done for monetary purposes or not. Me, I dont care why i am just glad they did because unless the Tolkien estate lightens up than " The Silmarillion " will never see the light of day so this is our last trip to Middle Earth unless something i and others can't forsee takes place. Maybe someday movies will be holographic and there will be a new vision of a trip to Middle Earth for our kids and grandkids to enjoy ( im so jealous ). So make your plans for the trip, select the theater that will show your the technology you desire to see it in ( 48 fps, 3-D, 3-D Imax, 2-D ) get the pound of greasy buttered popcorn and the tub-o-soda and sit back and relax and enjoy the journey. I know that i will.

Monday, November 26, 2012

Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield and that Damned Dragon>

     Some of you think that Gandalf decided to help the Dwarves because he is basically a nice Wizard as Wizards go and he is that but there is more to the tale than meets the eye. Sir Peter has stated that in order to make a trilogy out of  " The Hobbit " he has had to borrow from the appendices found at the back of " The Return of the King " i mean he made a trilogy out of " Lord Of The Rings " but those novels constiuted 1200 pages to " The Hobbits " rather more skimpy 300 pages, not exactly the sweeping tale worthy of Three tales. So as i was saying he has borrowed from the appendices. Having read the appendices and also " Unfinished Tales " i am a little knowledgeable of Gandalfs reasoning to agreeing to lend his aid to the Dwarves quest for revenge and make no mistake that is what it truly was not forgetting the treasure hoard of course. You have heard the tale and then again maybe not that the Thorin Oakenshields people lived in Erebor at the heart of the Lonely Mountains. they were an extremely talented people and soon the rumour of their vast wealth reached the worst possible set of ears that any sane person or Dwarf could would want to hear of it and that set of ears belonged to the Dragon Smaug. Now Dragons are many things but one of the things they are the most is greedy. Above all else Dragons desire treasure even though they can't spend a farthing of it yet they desire it above all else and will go to anything to possess it and that is how the Dwarves lost their treasure and their homeland when Smaug came to claim the treasure for his own. He slew many Dwarves that day and Thorin, his father and Grandfather escaped Smaugs wrath and went into exile but like all exiles they had a deep yearning to reclaim their treasure and homeland. Now why should Gandalf be concerned with the Dwarves plight. Well it happened like this Gandalf was staying at the Prancing Pony in Bree when he was approached by Thorin who asked him to return home with him and hear him out on a plan he had and would Gandalf consider aiding them. The problem was Gandalf had another greater worry on his mind and that was the growing power of the Necromancer and his fear that he might be Sauron returned to Middle Earth and he was to meet with the White Council to determine what actions to take against the Necromancer. But Gandalf had another fear and that is if the Necromancer was actually Sauron then he might use the Dragon Smaug as an Allie of sorts and ude the great and terrible power of Smaug to his advantage if a war should begin in Middle Earth. Gandalf rightly guessed that the combination of the two would make Sauron invincible, so Smaug was a problem to be dealt with and that is why he agreed to lend his aide to the Dwarves and their quest to reclaim their homeland. It was not out of pity or a great desire to see the Dwarves reclaim what was rightly theirs but the fear of an empowered Sauron in league with a Dragon that guided his decision.

Saturday, November 24, 2012

Tick Tock

    Well gang it is hard to believe but " The Hobbit And Unexpected Journey " is set to open in just a little under three weeks. A lot of speculation has begun to arise concerning the plot line for this first of three movies in the trilogy that Sir Peter Jackson is brewing up for us down in Wellington. I can't help but believe that even though the movie will follow the basic framework of J. R. R. Tolkiens masterpiece " The Hobbit " , that we are in for a bunch of delightful surprises when the finished product hits the screen. From the bits and pieces of the videoblogs and various articles that I have read about he upcoming movie it is plain to see that Sir Peter is going to give us so much more than what is in the novel. Some purists will of course be aghast at the thought that the original novel will not be told in a linear process that is completely faithful to the novel, to those people i say Boo Hoo.
I for one am excited to see all the additional elements that are being added and lets face it the original novel told in the aforementioned linear/faithful fashion could hardly flesh out the needs of the planned trilogy. So relax and lets watch the first movie and try and get a feel for what we can expect in the next two movies. See you at the Cinema.

Tuesday, November 6, 2012

List of Theaters showing " The Hobbit " at 48 Frame Per Second.


 This is a new list of movie theaters in your town and your country that are showing " The Hobbit " at 48 FPS and in 3-D. The list is relatively new and I'm sure they will add more theater sites as the learn their whereabouts. You might want to bookmark the page for later reference. Hope you find a theater near you.


The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey will be released this December in all motion picture formats, including the brand new format High Frame Rate 3D (HFR 3D). This represents a technological advancement in the motion picture experience and AMC is proud to participate. The innovative format presents the picture in 48 frames per second (fps), which is closer to what the human eye actually sees. This is twice the rate of the standard 24 fps, which is the current format in cinemas worldwide. We hope you'll experience HFR 3D for yourself at the select AMC Theatres below, or you can enjoy The Hobbit: An Unexpected Journey in any format you choose, including 2D, 3D, IMAX or IMAX 3D. This theatre list is subject to change.

 I am adding this late edition of AMC theaters that will also be showing " The Hobbit " at 48 FPS 3-D also. I will add on as they become available.

AMC Avenue Forsyth 12
AMC Discover Mills 18

AMC Columbia 14
AMC White Marsh 16

AMC Boston Common 19
AMC Liberty Tree Mall 20
AMC Methuen 20

AMC Crestwood 18
AMC Naperville 16
AMC River East 21
AMC South Barrington 30
AMC Village Crossing 18

AMC Newport on the Levee 20

Columbus, OH
AMC Easton Town Center 30
AMC Lennox Town Center 24

AMC Firewheel 18
AMC Grapevine Mills 30
AMC Mesquite 30
AMC NorthPark 15
AMC Stonebriar 24
AMC Parks at Arlington 15

AMC Highlands Ranch 24
AMC Promenade 24

AMC Livonia 20

Hartford, CT
AMC Plainville 20

AMC Deerbrook 24
AMC First Colony 24
AMC Gulf Pointe 30
AMC Studio 30
AMC Willowbrook 24

Jacksonville, FL
AMC Orange Park 24

Kansas City
AMC BarryWoods 24
AMC Independence Commons 20
AMC Studio 30

Los Angeles
AMC Burbank 16
AMC Century City 15
AMD Del Amo 18
AMC Ontario Mills 30
AMC Orange 30
AMC Promenade 16
AMC Puente Hills 20
AMC Santa Anita 16
AMC Santa Monica 7
AMC South Bay 16
Universal Citywalk Stadium 19

AMC Aventura 24

AMC Rosedale 14
AMC Southdale 16

New Orleans
AMC Elmwood Palace 20

New York/New Jersey
AMC 34th St. 14
AMC Bay Plaza 13
AMC Danbury 16
AMC Garden State 16
AMC Jersey Gardens 20
AMC Kips Bay 15
AMC Lincoln Square 13
AMC Monmouth Mall 15
AMC New Brunswick 18
AMC Palisades 21
AMC Rockaway 16
AMC Stony Brook 17

Norfolk, VA
AMC Hampton Towne Centre 24
AMC Lynnhaven 18

Oklahoma City
AMC Quail Springs 24

Omaha, NE
AMC Oakview 24

AMC Altamonte Mall 18
AMC Universal Cineplex 20
AMC Downtown Disney 24

AMC Cherry Hill 24
AMC Hamilton 24
AMC Neshaminy 24

AMC Westgate 20

AMC Waterfront 22

San Diego
AMC Mission Valley 20
AMC Plaza Bonita 14

San Francisco
AMC Bay Street 16
AMC Cupertino 16
AMC Eastridge 15
AMC Mercado 20
AMC Metreon 16
AMC Van Ness 14

Tallahassee, FL
AMC Tallahassee Mall 20

Tampa, FL
AMC Veterans 24

Washington, DC
AMC Hoffman 22
AMC Potomac Mills 18
AMC Rio 18
AMC Tysons Corner 16

New Music from the upcoming " The Hobbit ".


  Here is a link to some new music from the upcoming movie " The Hobbit " set for release on December 14th. The music is composed and conducted by Howard Shore who did the music for Lord Of The Rings so you know that you can expect the music to be pure class. This selection is a work that is associated with Radagast The Brown and I am sure you will agree it is definitely music from Middle Earth, I mean the man invented Middle Earth music so what else can you expect it to be. Take a listen and enjoy.

Saturday, November 3, 2012

New Posters

Here are some new posters from the upcoming movie " THE HOBBIT ". Opening 12/14/2012 at a theater near you, unless you like live in a desert or some isolated tropical island or something, and if so maybe it's time you considered moving back to civilization so you can see a good movie every now and then. Just saying.

 P.S. if you give the poster of Galadriel just a quick glance from a distance it looks like she is flippimg someone the bird.

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Message of L.O.T.R./The Hobbit

      Even though they are different tales of the same Middle Earth and have different story lines there is in my humble opinion  a message that runs true in both the stories and that is this: Even the small and weak can oftentimes accomplish what the strong and mighty can't. Let us take a look at what i am talking about. Tolkien begins his explanation of Hobbits with the statement that there is no magic about them and they are described as being very small and not very strong or mighty just plain simple folk with the love of good tilled earth, a comfortable home and a good meal/meals. They weren't a people for adventures and being involved with the business of other peoples. Not exactly the heroic type just good plain simple folk, Tolkien famously stated that he was a Hobbit meaning of course that he loved the same simple way of living that he wrote for the Hobbits.But even though they were not mighty Warriors or masters of magic like Wizards they were in a pinch quite up to the tasks required of a Hero. What were these traits that carried them through there adventures among the great and mighty? Simply enough, courage, grit, determination, loyalty. a sense of right and wrong, a determination to see the task through no matter the cost and last but not least good ole Hobbit common sense. Neither Bilbo or Frodo possessed any measurable greed or avarice, they weren't in it for financial gain. They both possessed the one ring but wielded no mighty magic powers from it except to disappear every now and then. They both felt a duty and loyalty to their traveling companions. With little more than their character and dedication to the task at hand they succeeded in bringing down Dragons and Dark Lords. So take heart you of small stature it's the size of your heart and not of your muscles that will carry you towards great and might achievements . Take a lesson from a Hobbit and follow their character traits and they will help you slay the monsters you will face down the road of life.

Wednesday, October 17, 2012

A Sordid Tale Indeed

  If you would like to read an interesting article concerning the very trying and difficult birthing pains for the movie " The Hobbit " then follow this link to read an interesting and very comprehensive tale of how the movie came and nearly fidn't come to life. It offers the chance to see how deals are made and unmade in the madness which is Hollyood.


Monday, October 15, 2012

Two Months and Counting

  Yep, thats right folks, we are down to two months and counting Its hard to believe that the date is actually starting to get close. As a public service I would like to present a short list of the things to do in the next two months while you are preparing for opening day:

 1, If you are a real slow reader you can reread the Hobbit but if u read at a normal pace you may want to wait till after Thanksgiving.

 2. Since there will be three movies instead of two and since Sir Peter has stated that some of the movie will be from the appendices at the end of return of the king then you might want to start reading the aforementioned appendices to see if you can uncover some possible plot points for the upcoming movies.

 3. You can try and get some of the new Hobbit coins that have been issued by the country of New Zealand. I am not kidding here there are actually real Hobit coins issued by the NZ govt. . Not sure of their value but it would make a unique gift for your rabid Tolkien fans.

 4. Contact your local theaters and see what version/versions of the movie they will be offering. It could be 2-D, 3-D, 24 FPS, 48 FPS , IMAX, or a combination of all these, especially in the larger cities.

 5. Keep your eyes glued to TheOneRing.net. as they are probably the most realiable source of information regarding events and announcements associated with the release of " The Hobbit "

 6. Go to YouTube and check for occasional releases of any videos associated with the filming and/or release of the Hobbit.

 7. There are plenty of other sites with Tolkien and " The Hobit " info just do a quick search on Google and you will be amazed at what you will find. The Tolkien community is enormous and truly Global.

 8. You also might want to contact your local theater of choice and preorder your tickets online, you dont want to have and face greedy scalpers on opening day.

 9. Make plans accordingly for December 14th and establish good excuses for missing work  or school that day.

 10. If yoy plan to make a costume for opening day, why not create a costume you can wear for both Halloween and opening day, kill two birds with one stone and consider joining up with friends for the opener, it will be a nice little extra treat for the Holiday season, maybe get the kids involved and if u do decide to make the costumes please send the pics to this site where I will display them one and all..

Monday, September 24, 2012

Andy Serkis : Born To Play Gollum

 Andrew Clement Serkis ( b. 1964 ) was and still is the voice and motion captured essence of the loathsome, evil, and yet pitiable Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings and the upcoming motion picture The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey. Just as Sir Ian McKellen will always be associated and recognized as the Wizard Gandal so it seems that Andy Serkis is to suffer the same fate ( for good or bad ) due to his brilliant portrayal of Gollum. Can one role truly define a career, probably for the mediocre and less talented actors  but not I am sure for Mr Serkis. He is definitely leading the charge of a new generation of talented actors who can represent a character through motion capture, a new genre of acting that is just in its infancy and Andy will surely be credited along with Sir Peter Jackson as having given birth to this new form of character presentation. I wondered when they stated they were to make The Lord Of The Rings trilogy as a non-animated film just how they would represent the character Gollum as he was such an essential part of the movie, then i waited until The Two Towers to see the fruition of their collaboration and was truly blown away when I was finally introduced to Mr Serkis and his Gollum. It was a tour de force and I am now anxiously awaiting hos reprisal of Gollum in December. From what i have seen of the two Hobbit trailers than I am in for, and you are too, a real treat. So my hats off to Andy Serkis who from what I have seen is not only a great actor, and now Director but a seemingly nice guy as well.

Wednesday, September 19, 2012

The Hobbit Official trailer # 2 released

  The New official Hobbit trailer # 2 has just been released and expounds further on the direction the first movie is taking and it is really shaping up to be a real hoot. Give it a gander and if you would like to see alternate endings go to  http://www.thehobbitmovie.com. I will start posting new material as we get closer to the december 14th release. Please stay tuned.

Tuesday, July 31, 2012

The Hobbit X3

  Praise the powers that be at Warner Bros and to Sir Peter and crew, it has been confirmed that The Hobbit
will indeed be a Trilogy. I for one am excited as a kid on Christmas day getting the toy he asked for. This means that we will not get two but three trips back to Middle Earth over the next 2 and a half years and lets face it these will probably be the last trips there, the Tolkien trust holds the rights to The Silmarillion and lets also face the fact that The Silmarillion doesn't have the large fanbase that LOTr and TH have so what studio would take a hundreds of Millions dollar shot on it, probably none, of course I could be wrong but I doubt it.That being said now we ave to figure out the content of the second movie which is drawn mainly from the appendices at the end of LOTR so I personally its the same story with the characters and their individual histories ( races and individuals )  given a more indepth presentation. I personally am hoping for more on the Necromancer but will take what I can get. I will keep you abrest of whats happening with the new movie as I learn more myself until the may i suggest a visit to The One Ring Nets site as they are really on this story. Later folks and celebrate the good news of the third Hobbit movie.

Thursday, July 26, 2012

THE HOBBIT to possibly be a triolgy

 Okay folks here is the latest on these rumors. Sir Peter Jackson says he is in negotiations with Warner Brothers to extend shooting on the upcoming THE HOBBIT movie and take more source material from the appendices from THE RETURN OF THE KING and apply it towards possibly turning the movie from a two parter into a trilogy.Yes thats right Three movie instead of one.Of course there would be major hurdles to overcome such as financing and reassembling the cast and a ton of other details to work out.I am in a definite wait and see attitude on this and of course the obvious questions arise. would a third movie dilute the tale and is this just an obvious cash grab one more chance to feast at the Tolkien banquet? I don't know but I will keep you informed as I find out more. Please view the Jackson interview on this blog to confirm some of what I have just said.