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Saturday, May 19, 2012

THe Hobbit update

  Filming is about to wind up this month in New Zealand and then begins the long laborious process of giving shape  to the two films. The first installment entitled " An Unexpected Journey" is due to open here in the states in December of this year, with the second due out in December of 2013 unless of course the Mayans had it right so you had better get to your local cinema quickly when part one opens up and watch the movie before armageddon sets in.It will have it's world premier in New Zealand which of course is only fitting since that country has become by default, Middle Earth. I don't know about you folks but I would love to visit there someday. So beginning next month the people at Weta will begin doing that voodoo that they do so well in transforming the labors of Sir Peter and crew into the classics that I know they are going to be. As for the dis tractors of the films I have several words of advice that first being is that Sir Ian Mckellen ( Gandalf ) has given the films high praise and that alone is enough for me I mean come on It's Sir Ian Mckellen and everyone knows Gandalf doesn't lie and as for all this disparaging of the  48 frames per second hysteria, don't sweat it. The film will show also in the good ole 24 frames per second and to tell you the truth you could possibly find yourself hard pressed to find a local theater equipped to view it at 48 FPS. Me, I'm going to be searching out one of those theaters that can give me the new fangled 48 fps version and then I will do a flip flop and review it at 24 fps so I can determine for myself. Could this be a clever marketing ploy to get you to view the movie twice? Who know who cares. Anywho I will be there in my olde aisle seat with my tub of coke and 10 gallon box of popcorn ( extra butter please and plenty of salt ) happier than a cold hog in warm mud come this December 14th, see ya there.

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