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Thursday, March 1, 2012

In Defense Of Sir Peter Jackson

I have read a lot of articles lately criticizing Sir Peter Jackson for various things,mostly, for his artistic interpretations of the The Lord Of The Rings and The Hobbit films.They say his interpretations are flawed and his decisions on adding characters not in the books are profane and border on sacrilege.His exclusion of Tom Bombadil was heresy and his depiction of Sauron as a great eye on a stick was laughable in the extreme and they seem primed to blast Sir Peter to the moon and back as soon as "the Hobbit" hits theaters in December of this year.Poor Sir Peter must have very thick skin indeed not to blast back at these legions of of Tolkien purists who have come to bury Ceasar and most certainly not to praise him.Yes it appears the angry villagers have grabbed their torches and pitchforks and are headed to Castle Jackson hoping to destroy the monsters he has supposedly built fromf exhumed bits of Tolkien literature. I for one would like to Speak on Sir Peters behalf if I may be so bold.Here is  a Director given an enormous sum of money and told to go forth and create a commercially and artistically successful trilogy of  of the one book(books) they said wouldn't and couldn't be made,J.R.R. Tolkiens classic "The Lord Of The Rings". If I had been Sir Peter there would have been an audible "gulp" as I pondered the enormity of the task. How to make it appeal to the core Tolkien fans and the broader public as well. Lets face it a lot of Tolkiens works can run a bit dry at times,so hoe do you create three films and still hold the audiences attention. As in any great work of literature there is conflict.always, but how to spread that conflict over about six hours of film.What would stay and what would have to go, how to separate the wheat from the chaff and still keep it interesting while preserving the heart of the story. With a wealth of great Actors and Actresses at your disposal and you would fail at your enormous task,what Director wouldn't feel some apprehension.In my humble opinion he not only did it but did it admirably.I mean Oscars for the films and for Directing are nothing to sneeze at as Fantasy films have always been given a cold shoulder by the Oscars of the world. He took me on a wonderful journey that I had only seen before in my imagination,he gave it flesh and blood with,of course, some magic thrown in, and for this I am eternally greatfull.His decisions he will make concerning "The Hobbit" are in line with how I would desire for the book to be interpreted.Sure he brought in material from the appendix at the end of LOTR but that was a masterstroke I mean he had to fill around four hours or so of filming and I believe it would have been difficult to make an interesting four plus hour version of just the material from "the Hobbit". So here is to you Sir Peter I salute you Sir and your vision and I am sure my next excursion into middleearth will be just as enjoyable if not more so than the last.

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