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Wednesday, February 29, 2012

MiddleEarth Vs. Hogwarts

The title is for the most part misleading, what I am wanting to discuss with you is more along the lines of how their tales are similar.Every great tale is one of conflict involving a great good vs. a great evil and at the start of the tale things look pretty bad for great good.It is the same with these two Epic tales.They both involve  in the end voyages of discovery for a way to defeat the evil they confront,for LOTR it is to attempt to destroy the ring of power that Sauron placed his powers in, for HP it is a voyage to destroy the Horcruxes that Voldemort placed his pieces of soul(powers)in and they of course are both known by the moniker "Dark Lord". Evidently there are no Light Lords either available or absent. The questers are  for the most part separated from any possible help(Frodo and Sam, Harry,Ron and Hermione) and have to make the hard decisions and seek for the ever elusive truths that will guide them in their attempt to bring the quest to a successful conclusion.The great evil must be greatly evil indeed and therefor heartless and cruel and they are surrounded by lesser evil willing to do their bidding(Orcs, Deatheaters).Their mentors are both elderly Wizards who both die but return in one form or another to guide them, Gandalf is reborn as the White Wizard, Harry meets Professor Dumbeldore in the afterlife for advice explanations and encouragement.They both have to deal with spirits of the undead(the Oathbreakers and the Inferi) and of course there are Spiders(Aragog and Shelob) I truly believe that Professor Tolkien and J.K.Rowling are Arachnaphobes and you can include me in that number as well.There are moments of doubt and indecision during the quests and a moment when all seems lost but in the end great good prevails and great evil is destroyed not because the good are stronger but by the foolish decisions made by evil, they in effect sew the seeds of their own destruction through their desires, Sauron to make himself  Lord and master of all and Voldemort for the same reason coupled with a desire for immortality. There are other parallels and I could go into them but I believe these are the main points, again if you have any comments or criticisms or wish to point out errors please feel free to do so,I would love to hear them.

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