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Thursday, February 23, 2012

Final "Hobbit" cast

This is the final cast for the movie "The Hobbit"   : Bilbo Baggins-Martin Freeman, Gandalf-Sir Ian Mccellan, Old Bilbo-Sir Ian Holm, Saruman-Sir Christopher Lee, Frodo-Elijah Wood,Gollum-Andy Serkis,, Smaug + The Necromancer(Sauron)-Benedict Cumberbatch,The Goblin king-Barry humphreys, Tauriel(An Elfen Warrior)-Evangeline Lilly,Azog-Conan Stevens,Lindir-Bret Mckenzie,,Galadriel-Kate Blanchett,Legolas-Orlando Bloom,Elrond-Hugo Weaving, Thror-Jeffrey Thomas,Thranduil-Lee Pace,Bard The Bowman-Luke Evans,The Master Of Laketown-Stephen Fry,Radagast-Sylvester McCoy. The Dwarfs: (Thorin Oakenshield-Richard Armitage,Dwalin-Graham MacTavish.Balin-KenTott.Fili-Dean O'Gorman,Kili-Aidan Turner,Ori-Adam Brown,Dori-Mark Hadlow,Nori-Jed Brophy,Bifur-William Kircher, Bofur-James Nesbitt,  Bombur-Stephen Hunter, Oin-John Callan, Gloin-Peter Hambelton, Thrain-Michael Mizrati,DainIronfoot-Billy Connolly). Beorn-Micahel Persbrandt. As you can see a fine mixture of the famous, kinda famous, and actors you never heard of, but there were actors picked for roles in the "Lord Of The rings" who are now rightly famous because of their roles in it, so I believe a lot of these unknowns won't be so anonymous after December of this year.

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