MiddleEarthBlog: Discussion of "THe Hobbit" official preview video.


Sunday, February 19, 2012

Discussion of "THe Hobbit" official preview video.

Just a few lines to discuss some of my feelings on on the Hobbit preview clip that was released recently. It is rather obvious that Sir Peter Jackson has placed great emphasis on developing the roles and personalities of the individual Dwarfs for the film. This is an excellent endeavor on his part as it helps give the movie a more personal touch, in the book they are presented more as a unit of Dwarfs very little is placed on them as individuals and you don't really get a personal feel for them. As it appears from the clip they are all definitely their own unique selves, some are funny, others more somber and serious, and there is even a handsome Dwarf something I don't believe Professor Tolkien ever tried to present in his works, maybe he is there to help draw in the female movie goer, but who really knows.There were other aspects of the clip that were rather bizarre, I refer to Galadriels rather flirtatious brush of Gandalfs hair, what the hell is up with that.. That aside the clip served it's purpose, to entice me into viewing the film when it is released, but really they had me at the word "Hobbit". Bye, thats all for now

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