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Monday, June 11, 2012

Movie Review- Prometheus

 From time to time I will give an honest review of a movie that I have recently viewed pertaining to the sci-fi/fantasy genre. This past Saturday I went to see Prometheus a prequel to Alien and I will give it an enthusiastic thumbs up, being a child of the 50s and 60s I am constantly amazed at the new technology in film making especially special effects and it is in special effects that this movie excels. The movie is directed by Ridley Scott the director of the original Alien and he is true to form in this prequel. THe film is based on a mission to find our creators. A team of two archeologists ( dude/chicky) have found the same art from 7 separate cultures spanning centuries who had no contact with one another each has a tall figure pointig to a cluster of stars the duo believes this to be an invitation to come and meet our creators and of course they are sadly mistaken and fun and frivolity soon ensues with lots of blood and gore and spooky alien types galore. There are several surprises in this film for the alien fan and several answers are given to decades old questions ( space jockey etc... ) The film revolves around the old plot of old age seeking a reprieve from death. Soon the cast find that they have been used but find out much too late. There is of course the ubiquotous evil cyborg/robot to contend with but is he really evil? That will be determined in the sequel because there will surely be one, just watch the ending to find out for yourself So all in all a pretty good flick with lts of scary moments and interesting characters and just enough humanity thrown in to make the movie more than an excursion into heavy duty special effects. Well thats a wrap, Seeya

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