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Friday, June 29, 2012

Martin Freeman

 I can't quite remember when I first became aware of Martin Freeman as an actor, I believe most of his work has been in Britain and especially for the BBC. I believe I first saw him in the most excellent BBC series SHERLOCK playing the loyal but completely frustrated and bewildered Dr. John Watson to Benedict Cumberbatchs' Sherlock Holmes who is a total genius but also an abysmal human being. Anyhoo the question arises how did Mr. Freeman go from a relatively small time player to the star of probably the most anticipated movies of the next two years . Good question, anyways he is our Bilbo and Sir peter Jackson says that he was born to play the role and no other so thats good enough for me. There was a bit of a problem at first working out the scheduling conflict between the Hobbit and filming a new season of Sherlock but that was all ironed out, Mr. Freeman must be pretty exhausted by now e tween all the traveling and acting, from what i have seen in the videoblogs of the filming of the Hobbit they are very physically taxing shoots to say the least. At least for Mr. Freeman he doesn't have to go through as much with his make up as the poor Dwarves do so he caught a break there. I wish him the best and hope he is able to cope with the worldwide phenomena that The Hobbit will be nd all the ensuing fame and glory. I'm sure he will be able to suffer through it all with dignity and grace. I am hoping for a third season of Sherlock. i'll keep my fingers crossed.

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