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Saturday, May 5, 2012

Why Bilbo Baggins?

  Why did Gandalf choose Bilbo Baggins to accompany the 13 Dwarves on the mission to slau Smaug the dragon? I mean after all he was no great warrior or in anyway had renown as a Dragon slayer. What could a small Hobiit do that was so vital to the mission? Firstly let us start the story with Gandalfs involvement in the whole affair. He met Thorin Oakenshield on the road to Bree and Thorin asked him to help in his quest to slay the Dragon and reclaim the wealth it had taken from the Dwarfs. Thorins original plan was to gather as many Dwarfs as possible and assault the Dragon. Gandalf realized this was foolhardy in the extreme nd that no amount of Dwarfs however brave and fierce could stand up to an attack on Smaug, he would kill and devour them all.Gandalfs advice was one of stealth and for that they needed someone who could sneak in under the Dragons very nose. Now it was well known by Gandalf that of all the peoples of middle earth there were none better at avoiding being seen or heard if they so desired as Hobbits and also there was the problem with the Dragons sense of smell which was extremely acute but maybe just maybe it had never smelled the scent of a Hobbit which could give whatever Hobbit accompanying the party an outside advantage when trying to steal from the old Dragon. Now many years before when Bilbo was a small Hobbit he had been noticed by Gandalf due to his unhobbit like desire for tales of the world outside of the Shire, Gandalf could sense in him a great desire to other parts of middle earth and maybe have an adventure. You see Bilbo had Tookish blood on his Mothers side she having been a Took ( Belladonna Took ) before marrying Bilbos father and the Tooks had had several members of the family just up and leave off to have adventures which as I say was very unhobbit like. So we have Gandalfs knowledge of Bilbo from years past and his desire to secure a Hobbit to aid Thorin and the other Dwarfs on their adventure. Thorin was aghast at the idea ( he had little respect for Hobbits ) and thought Gandalf had gone mad and the other Dwarfs also had little desire to have a Hobbit on the journey. Thorins disdain for Hobbits in general made Gandalf angry ( he dearly loved Hobbits ) and so Gandalf told them if they chose to not follow his advice than he would be off and that they could figure their own way to slay the Dragon. Thorinn needing his help and with no desire to anger a Wizard agreed to Bilbos inclusion but if they were to take him than Gandalf would have to agree to accomapny them. This Gandalf agreed to with the reservation that he would have to part from the company in August at the latest as he had pressing business elsewhere ( the White Council ). So Bilbo mush to his eternal amazement left his comfortable little Hobbit hole and sat off on his grand adventure and the finding of the One Ring. But that is a tale for another day

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