MiddleEarthBlog: January 2013


Monday, January 28, 2013

The Hobbit - A Review

       Firstly let me say that I did enjoy the movie and plan to rent the DVD when it comes out hopefully in March. I saw the movie at the regular 24 FPS in 3-D and it was a visually gorgeous film. That being said it really didn't hold up to " The Lord Of The Rings " in my humble opinion and that may be the curse of this movie and the ones to follow , to be constantly compared to LOTR .and that really isn't fair. It was my worry that by taking a small novel ( much smaller than the lengthy tome that was LOTR ) and extending it to three films that they would dilute the tale by filling it full of minutia that would basically dilute it and this may be the case with the first film. I never really began to care much for the characters as i did in LOTR not that they aren't competent ones maybe with all these dwarves it is just hard to zero in on a few but thats my one big complaint and it cant be helped as there were a lot of Dwarves in the novel. Hopefully in the next two films we will get to the more interesting aspects of the movies, I cant wait for old Smaug myself. Also, there will hopefully be more of an introduction to the individual Dwarves and we can as an audience begin to bond with them and that should add immensely to my and yours enjoyment of the movies. Lees give Sir Peter a chance with the nest two films and hopefully he will knock them out of the ballpark ( choose your own Cricket metaphor here ).