MiddleEarthBlog: December 2013


Monday, December 16, 2013

Desolation of Smaug review

  Well i finally got to see " The Hobbit ; The desolation of Smaug "and i am delighted to report it was quite the thrilling ride from start to finish. I would wholeheartedly recommend it to each and all. I was a little disappointed with the first hobbit movie, feeling it was a little slow paced. The new movie keeps us constantly moving on. First i would like to say that if you are a Tolkien purist then you are in for an aggravating evening. Peter Jackson sticks mostly to the original theme of the movie but in order to flesh the movie  in order to achieve wider audience appeal he adds new situations and characters. The main new character is the Elven warrior maid " Tauriel " and she is not only beautiful but a real badass as well. In this movie you learn how badass elves can be with the orcs supplying the fodder. In the last movie Azog was the focus, now it is his son, who is a chip off the old block being just as vicious as dear old dad. He has a fight with Legolas and draws Elf blood , as the movie closes we see a pissed off Legolas chasing after junior with a get even look on his face. The spider scenes were exciting and not as repulsive as i feared but gruesome neverless, Bilbo drops his ring and has to fight a spider over it after killing it he gets an evil look on his face as he bends down  to retrieve it he says " MINE " it appears the ring is definitely affecting him and it causes him some concern. As the ring is affecting Bilbo we also notice the Arkenstone is affecting Thorin, while not magic it is what the stone represents to Thorin that is changing him, there is a dark side to Thorin, he will not be denied his throne, he is told he has no right to return to Erebor and replies " I have the only right ". Other characters worth mentioning are Beorn the skinchanger who can take on the guise of a bear, his scenes are short and few, pity. Thranduil, king of the Mirkwood Elves is a supreme isolationist and wants to close his kingdom  off to all and yet craves the Dwarfs riches, especially the Arkenstone, this can't be good. Bard the bowman who at fist helps the Dwarfs but comes to the realization that returning to Erebor and awakening the Dragon will lead to disaster. There is creatd a scenario where Kili a Dwarve has the hots for Tauriel the Elf, not sure what is going on here but this can't turn out well. Now for Smaug, he is a hoot, he is played to perfection by Benedict Cumberbatch ( love to know the meaning of that word ) who in the end heads off to laketown to teach them the error of their ways, we last see Bilbo staring off at Smaug as he flies in Laketown direction, disclaiming " What Have We Done ". Well he has basically set the tone for the upcoming third movie where we will indeed find out what they have done. It will be a magnificent and unfortunately last journey into Middle Earth.

P.S. Forgot to mention Gandalf battles Sauron, Whoop.

P.P.S I think im in love withTauriel, watch out Kili.