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Monday, September 24, 2012

Andy Serkis : Born To Play Gollum

 Andrew Clement Serkis ( b. 1964 ) was and still is the voice and motion captured essence of the loathsome, evil, and yet pitiable Gollum from The Lord Of The Rings and the upcoming motion picture The Hobbit; An Unexpected Journey. Just as Sir Ian McKellen will always be associated and recognized as the Wizard Gandal so it seems that Andy Serkis is to suffer the same fate ( for good or bad ) due to his brilliant portrayal of Gollum. Can one role truly define a career, probably for the mediocre and less talented actors  but not I am sure for Mr Serkis. He is definitely leading the charge of a new generation of talented actors who can represent a character through motion capture, a new genre of acting that is just in its infancy and Andy will surely be credited along with Sir Peter Jackson as having given birth to this new form of character presentation. I wondered when they stated they were to make The Lord Of The Rings trilogy as a non-animated film just how they would represent the character Gollum as he was such an essential part of the movie, then i waited until The Two Towers to see the fruition of their collaboration and was truly blown away when I was finally introduced to Mr Serkis and his Gollum. It was a tour de force and I am now anxiously awaiting hos reprisal of Gollum in December. From what i have seen of the two Hobbit trailers than I am in for, and you are too, a real treat. So my hats off to Andy Serkis who from what I have seen is not only a great actor, and now Director but a seemingly nice guy as well.

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