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Wednesday, October 31, 2012

The Message of L.O.T.R./The Hobbit

      Even though they are different tales of the same Middle Earth and have different story lines there is in my humble opinion  a message that runs true in both the stories and that is this: Even the small and weak can oftentimes accomplish what the strong and mighty can't. Let us take a look at what i am talking about. Tolkien begins his explanation of Hobbits with the statement that there is no magic about them and they are described as being very small and not very strong or mighty just plain simple folk with the love of good tilled earth, a comfortable home and a good meal/meals. They weren't a people for adventures and being involved with the business of other peoples. Not exactly the heroic type just good plain simple folk, Tolkien famously stated that he was a Hobbit meaning of course that he loved the same simple way of living that he wrote for the Hobbits.But even though they were not mighty Warriors or masters of magic like Wizards they were in a pinch quite up to the tasks required of a Hero. What were these traits that carried them through there adventures among the great and mighty? Simply enough, courage, grit, determination, loyalty. a sense of right and wrong, a determination to see the task through no matter the cost and last but not least good ole Hobbit common sense. Neither Bilbo or Frodo possessed any measurable greed or avarice, they weren't in it for financial gain. They both possessed the one ring but wielded no mighty magic powers from it except to disappear every now and then. They both felt a duty and loyalty to their traveling companions. With little more than their character and dedication to the task at hand they succeeded in bringing down Dragons and Dark Lords. So take heart you of small stature it's the size of your heart and not of your muscles that will carry you towards great and might achievements . Take a lesson from a Hobbit and follow their character traits and they will help you slay the monsters you will face down the road of life.

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