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Monday, November 26, 2012

Gandalf and Thorin Oakenshield and that Damned Dragon>

     Some of you think that Gandalf decided to help the Dwarves because he is basically a nice Wizard as Wizards go and he is that but there is more to the tale than meets the eye. Sir Peter has stated that in order to make a trilogy out of  " The Hobbit " he has had to borrow from the appendices found at the back of " The Return of the King " i mean he made a trilogy out of " Lord Of The Rings " but those novels constiuted 1200 pages to " The Hobbits " rather more skimpy 300 pages, not exactly the sweeping tale worthy of Three tales. So as i was saying he has borrowed from the appendices. Having read the appendices and also " Unfinished Tales " i am a little knowledgeable of Gandalfs reasoning to agreeing to lend his aid to the Dwarves quest for revenge and make no mistake that is what it truly was not forgetting the treasure hoard of course. You have heard the tale and then again maybe not that the Thorin Oakenshields people lived in Erebor at the heart of the Lonely Mountains. they were an extremely talented people and soon the rumour of their vast wealth reached the worst possible set of ears that any sane person or Dwarf could would want to hear of it and that set of ears belonged to the Dragon Smaug. Now Dragons are many things but one of the things they are the most is greedy. Above all else Dragons desire treasure even though they can't spend a farthing of it yet they desire it above all else and will go to anything to possess it and that is how the Dwarves lost their treasure and their homeland when Smaug came to claim the treasure for his own. He slew many Dwarves that day and Thorin, his father and Grandfather escaped Smaugs wrath and went into exile but like all exiles they had a deep yearning to reclaim their treasure and homeland. Now why should Gandalf be concerned with the Dwarves plight. Well it happened like this Gandalf was staying at the Prancing Pony in Bree when he was approached by Thorin who asked him to return home with him and hear him out on a plan he had and would Gandalf consider aiding them. The problem was Gandalf had another greater worry on his mind and that was the growing power of the Necromancer and his fear that he might be Sauron returned to Middle Earth and he was to meet with the White Council to determine what actions to take against the Necromancer. But Gandalf had another fear and that is if the Necromancer was actually Sauron then he might use the Dragon Smaug as an Allie of sorts and ude the great and terrible power of Smaug to his advantage if a war should begin in Middle Earth. Gandalf rightly guessed that the combination of the two would make Sauron invincible, so Smaug was a problem to be dealt with and that is why he agreed to lend his aide to the Dwarves and their quest to reclaim their homeland. It was not out of pity or a great desire to see the Dwarves reclaim what was rightly theirs but the fear of an empowered Sauron in league with a Dragon that guided his decision.

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