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Wednesday, April 18, 2012

Eru; Lord God Almighty/Absentee Landlord.

 Eru is the Supreme being who in the beginning of the Silmarillion creates the Valar ( lesser Gods/Angels) who through him sing great songs that help bring about Middle Earth and he sends those of the Valar who so desire it, to Middle Earth to finish the job and to be there for Erus children when the awake, that is Elfs and Man. THe Valar then descend to Middle Earth and go about the business at hand which is of course the making of Arda ( The World) and then poof out of the picture poor old Eru goes. From them on he is just a name mentioned every now and then but he seems to have left the running of things to the Valar and gone on about his business. Seems he rather washed his hands of the whole affair and left things in the care of his underlings.Why? Did he get bored or did he do all this creating business for his own amusement.Lets see I'll make this place and populate it and kick back with an adult beverage or two and watch this whole thing fall apart, should be good for a few chuckles. Let me see what can I add to my perfect little world to make it a little more interesting Hmmm? I've got it. I'll throw in greed,jealousy,hate,predjudice and I'll let the Elves live for ever which oughta really piss off Men who will only get to live a little while,yeah that ought make things lively. Maybe a little far fetched but he does seem to me to have lost interest and left it all to middle management.The only other time you hear of him doing anything at all is when the Numenoreans try to overtake the Blessed Realm and the Valar turn things over to Eru and how does he handle it, maybe try a little diplomacy, give them a stern lecture? Nah, he wipes their asses out.Not much for compassion, old Eru. Oh well it just seemed like a good little rant about an omnipotent being who basically seemed when it was all said and done to be as I said an absentee landlord. These are my opinions, what are yours?

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