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Friday, April 13, 2012

Jewelry,Rings and Sparkly Things and Greed and war and death

   Rather a strange title for a Blog entry but having read quite a bit of Professor Tolkiens works i have come to notice that so many of the tales revolve around some bauble of great magic or beauty and it always causes someone or some people to go a little crazy and start killing each other over it or them and its not just Men. ( the so called easily corruptible ) but also Elves and even Gods. We have this image of Elves as superior beings who are so above all this nonsense but they are just as bad as Men about this if not worse.. If you have doubts about this statement of mine then please read my blog on " The Terrible Oath" . There is a whole storyline on Saurons war with the Elves to retrieve the rings of power that the Elves made, his logic being that he taught them how to make them ( so he could control them) and if they weren't going to use them then he wanted them back and this war lasted over a thousand years. Yet you hear about it only briefly in the appendix at the end of "The Return Of The King". I'm not even going to mention the Silmarils and the sadness and death they brought about.There was also the  a great jewel of wonder and beauty called the Arkenstone and this great jewel placed a great  lust for its possession in the Dwarves and helped to bring about the untimely death of Thorin Oakenshield as a matter of fact a good part of the ending chapters of The Hobbit dealt with the convergence of four great armies ( Men, Dwarf, Elf and Goblin) all coming for their fair share of the jewels and gold of the Dwarfs of the Lonely mountains. It seems everyone was easily corruptible when it came to to jewels and gold. But Professor Tolkien being a great moralist seldom allowed anyone to keep these treasures and profit or receive pleasure from their acquisition, usually they lost them through treachery or deceit or the jewel itself punished them ( please see the Silmarils) but no one ever seemed to see the errors of their ways and the good people of Middle Earth still continued to lust for jewels, rings and sparkly things.


  1. I totally agree. Elves are supposed to be superior, but sometimes make very unwise decisions. In the first age there were some really douchebag elves. They were still relatively young then, but in comparison there are also wise men of old age who are of course a lot younger in years than those elves. It's like as if elves take ages to gro up instead of years. I suppose it's up to individuals, not a race as a whole to gather wisdom.

  2. My feelings exactly.As men live infinitely shorter life spans I guess they have to get wise much quicker, as for elves maybe the centuries either make them foolish or they forget or disregard the wisdom they learned in their youth.Either way they should know better especially at there age.

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