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Tuesday, April 10, 2012

Of Hobbits

    Hobbits present quite a puzzle to me. firstly we have to ask the question, where did they come from, not geographically but who created them? We can account for the creation of Elfs and Men they were created by Eru ( the supreme being ). We can account for the creation of Dwarfs they were created by Aule one of the Valar. We can even account for Orcs, they were once Elfs who having been captured by Melkor were changed by dark and cruel magic. But hobbits, no such creation story exists at least that I can find. Were they some sort of race of men who because of their enviorment grew but to a short height. Were they some victim of dark magic? We are told that when Eru brought forth Middle Earth it was a barren and shapeless place, but were their others here before Eru and the Valar? Who was their Creator? I'll tell you. I don't know. But they were a part of the races of Middle Earth but not so widely known. Treebeard the Ent who was of an ancient race stated he had never heard of Hobbits and did not know of them in the list of living things. Maybe it was due to their isolation in the Shire and that they were great homebodies preferring to live among their selves. They were not a great people in the scheme of things,there were no great warriors ( excluding Bullroarer Took ) no great hobbit Wizards. They were a simple people and did not for the most part concern themselves with the affairs of the big people. Sauron it seems had never heard of them or at least discounted their existence which was a good thing until the nasty business with the ring.They were happiest when left to themselves and allowed to follow their passions the growing of things and the eating of things. They were a good natured people and had no natural enemies, they possessed no standing Hobbit army or it seems had a need to.They followed their own laws and seemed to live an idealistic lives in their little country until Those foolish Baggins went off on their mad adventures and brought the wrath of strange and terrible people, Wizards and Darklords and Ringwraiths and the like. It would seem to me that the Hobbits had the right idea all along, mind your own business and stay out of the affairs of Men, Elfs and Wizards. As for who was the creator of the Hobbits I guess I can correctly say a rather tired and bored Professor of Languages named J.R.R. Tolkien when he came upon while grading an exam paper, a blank page and he scribbled upon it " In a hole in the ground there lived a Hobbit " a very great creator indeed.


  1. Hehe, you're totally right about the hobbits!

    On a more general note, I've been enjoying your blog, it looks nice. You found a lot of nice and interesting links! The only thing I try to ignore are the production movies, as I don't want to spoil things. Can't wait till the movie myself!

    Have fun writing in the meanwhile. :)

  2. Very wise not to look at the production vids, I was watching them and accidentally learned that Bilbo finds a ring, Whoa , shocker.Love your pic.Elven babes are soooo cute.


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