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Thursday, April 5, 2012

The sadness of the Valar

 The Valar were the Gods of MiddleEarth,created by Eru in ages past they helped create MiddleEarth through there song and having helped in the creation a certain number came to help in building and maintaining it for the arrival of the Eldar and the Atani (Elfs and Men). There task was made extremely difficult by the malice of Melkor  the strongest of their kind who endeavored to undo all that the Valar did in their preparations to make MiddleEarth a beautiful,wondrous,and harmonious dwelling place for Erus children.The task became so difficult and frustrating that the Valar eventually had to go to war with Melkor in order to stop his interference in their building efforts. Melkor was imprisoned for a long age and was then released and it was thought by the Valar that he had been tamed and was repentful for his past actions but they were wrong. In secret he made plans for his revenge against them.With the aide of Ungoliant a monstrous spider he crossed into the home of the Valar and there he had Ungoliant attack and kill the two trees created by Elbereth the Queen of the Gods, the trees were magical and were the joy of the Valar.THen Melkor stole three wondrous jewels made by Feanor of the Elfs called the Simarils and took them back to his home in MiddleEarth called Angband ( IronHell ).When Feanor learned of this he became scornful of the Valar and took a good number of hie people and left the home of the Valar, during his voyage back to MiddleEarth he and his followers slew another Elf clan in order to steal their boats from them. He made his sons take a sacred oath never to rest until they had recaptured the Simarils no matter who had possession of them, this oath led to great tragedy and death. Now the Valar having first seen Elfs felt a great love for them and had invited them to leave MiddleEarth and come dwell with them in the undying lands that were the home of the Valar and this had ended tragically.They had lost their two wondrous trees to Melkor and had lost the love and respect of the Elfs who now called them weak and foolish because of their decision to release Melkor from his imprisonment.

       Now let us turn to the Atani ( Men ). Eventually the Valar had to go to war with Melkor once again and attacked his fortress of Angband,there he was finally and utterly defeated and was cast out into the void never again to enter or trouble MiddleEarth again. There were a race of men who were faithful to and aided the Valar in their war against Melkor.They were rewarded for this by the Valar,they were given a new land to live in, a large Island set in the far west apart from the main land of MiddleEarth called Numenore. Here they could live without the constant threats and fears associated with life on the mainland, a peacful esistence and long life was given to them, thrice the normal age of men. Their land was in sight of the Valars home in the undying lands. The Valar felt that here they would live long and peacful lives under the watchful eyes of the Valar and the Elfs who lived with them. The Numenoreans became a great people and built wonderful things and beautiful cities, their long life spans helped them increase in knowledge and power, they soon became master sailors and eventually began to trade with the Elfs and Men of MiddleEarth and became richer and more powerful. But the Numenoreans began to feel cheated, why should they die like ordinary men why couldn't they obtain immortality like the Elfs and the Valar. A great king of the Numenoreans was so powerful that he defeated and captured Sauron himself and made him his prisoner and returned him to Numenore there Sauron won the Kings trust and soon was his closest advisor and began ro whisper in his ear that immortality could be theirs if they only had the courage to take it. The king was growing old and feared death so he built a great fleet of ships and then he defied the ban of the Valar which was to never set sail for the undying lands. Eru interfered and destroyed the great armada and the home island of Numenore killing all but a faithful few who had fled East. Once again the Valar had been betrayed by people they had shown the greatest kindness and love to.Their hearts must have been broken at this latest treachery. Soon thereafter the Valar stopped all dealings with the Elfs and Men of MiddleEarth. But even after all the treachery and the contempt shown them by the children of Eru they still cared for them and sent the Istari (Wizards) to MiddleEarth to help the Eldar and Istani in their struggles against Sauron and they allowed those of the Elfs who wished to do so to retuen to MiddleEarth when the had tired of it. I guess even though they had suffered in the past for their affections for these people that down deep they still cared for them and wished to protect them from themselves.


  1. Great blog and great post. You have a wonderful energetic passion for Tolkien's work.

    Didn't Melkor live with the Valar in the Blessed Realm when he went and found Ungoliath and destroyed the Trees?

    Also, I kinda think Feanor was actually more mad that Melkor slew Finwe, his father, than the Simarils being stolen. Thats just my opinion.

    1. Yet,Feanor made his sons swear to their terrible oath that they would retrieve the Silmarils and not so much about Feanors father.Here is the oath they swore:" vowing to pursue with vengeance and hatred to the ends of the world Vala,Demon,Elf and man as yet unborn,or any creature,great or small,good or evil, that time should bring forth unto the end of days,whoso should hold or take or keep a Silmaril from their possession". Feanor suffered the great sin of pride as so many of the great do and it led to his and his sons doom.


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