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Sunday, April 29, 2012

Things you probably didn't know but didn't bother to ask

Her are several facts in Tolkiens world you probably did't Know, such as:

 (1) Galadriel married Celeborn during the First age, from what I could discover they were related to one another. Celeborn was Galadriel's grandfather's brother's grandson. Hmm, lets see. that would I believe make them cousins but I'm not sure in what degree. First, second , third, not really sure but definitely related. Does that make the relationship incestuous? Probably, but please feel free to draw your own conclusion here.

 (2) Galadriel and Celeborn had one daughter named Celebrian, she would grow up to marry Elrond, yes that Elrond. They had three children, two boys Elladan and Elrohir and one daughter Arwen. That means that Galadriel is Arwens Grandmother and Elronds mother in Law. and eventually Aragorns Grandmother in Law if there is such a thing.

 (3) Aragorn is of Numenorean race and was therefore long lived, at the time of his marriage to Arwen he was 87 years old but Arwen was Elfish and was around 2,790 years old . She really went for the younger guys. She gave up her immortality to live as a human, she had that right being half or one quarter Elf. She died in the 121st year of the Fourth Age at the ripe old age of 2,901. Aragorn was but a mere 210 when he died but he did enjoy a nice log reign as King Of Gondor, some 120 years or so.

 (4) While the battle in front of Saurons gate was happening tere were other battles being fought elsewhere. Sauron had sent other armies out to do their part in the conquering of Middle Earth. Bard the Bowmans Grandson Brand King of Dale and Dain II the King under the Mountains made so famous in the Hobbit stood  stood with their respective Armies of Men and Dwarfs against an army of Saurons and both died doing so but their Armies were victorious. Meanwhile another Army of Saurons attacked Lothlorien home of Celeborn and Galadriel not once but three times and the Elves led by Celeborn defeated them three times. The Elves eventually attacked Dol Goldur ( home of the Necromancer in the Hobbit ) and with Galdriels aide they tore down the very walls of Dol Goldur itself and there Mirkwood was cleansed and thereafter was called Lorien.

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